AHRI offers its patients all hearing-related treatments which are safe and economic

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Audiometry is a well-regulated process. It involves a pure-tone test for the quietest sound one can hear at varied pitches. It not only tests the hearing but also inspects tone of sounds, intensity, balance issues and other concerns of inner ear. Naturally, hearing loss comes with age but it can take place in youngsters too. Globally hearing loss has become a common issue among people in their 40s or 50s. AHRI offers the best audiometry test in Gwalior. The Audiology department at AHRI is well-equipped with all the latest technological advancements to requirements of any kind.

Under the guidance and comprehensive supervision of Dr. S R Agrawal and Dr. Rahul Agarwal, audiology team at AHRI consists of the best doctors and well-experienced medical professionals. SR Agarwal is one of the most acclaimed ENT surgeons in India who has been serving his patients for more than 50 years. Dr. Rahul Agrawal with experience in more than 200 cases of successful surgeries is the best ENT surgeon in Gwalior.

Causes of hearing loss are normally identifiable and examined easily. Some of the usually observed causes include; regular exposure to loud noises, auto-immune infections, severe neurological infections, injury in head and infections in inner ear.

AHRI offers its patients all hearing-related treatments which are safe and economic. The hospital is facilitated enough to test all types of hearing issues in adults as well as in newborns. AHRI consists of maintained labs and pathologies under the supervision of trained professionals. It is committed to ensuring excellent outcomes for patients by the effective use of technology, taking care of their satisfaction and safety as well.

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