Audiology, Speech Therapy & Cochlear Implant

Audiology deals in identifying and evaluating hearing disorders that are associated with adults, children or infants. The Audiology Department at Agrawal Hospitals & Research Insititute offers diagnostic evaluations to people having speech, hearing, language, and communication difficulties.Audiology combines medical science with the best available technology to come up with concrete solutions to hearing or balance disorders.What is a cochlear implant?A cochlear implant may help someone with hearing loss restore or improve the ability to hear and understand speech.A cochlear implant is a small electronic device that electrically stimulates the cochlear nerve (nerve for hearing). The implant has external and internal parts.


  • Pioneered in Madhya Pradesh to have all deafness evaluation (Audiometry, Impedance, Oto-acoustic emission, BERA, ASSR,  Eustachian tube function test, SISI, ABLB, SR, etc.) and treatment (Speech therapy, Hearing aid, Cochlear Implant, BAHA, Adhear) facilities under one roof.
  • Three full time experienced Audiologists and Speech Therapist.

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