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best institute for dental filling

AHRI Gwalior is the best institute for dental filling in Gwalior. Under the leadership of Dr. Rohit Agarwal. who himself is an acclaimed dentist having an experience of more than a decade the dental wing at AHRI is well-specialized in treating all types of diseases in infants, kids and adolescents.

When kids lose their milk teeth and growth of permanent teeth takes place, proper care is required. Dental issues arising at this age, sustain for the whole life. Therefore, a pediatric dentist needs to be consulted for a complete check-up and other oral hygiene-related advice.

Pediatric dentists at AHRI focus on the proper oral examination of infants and teens. Along with this, they guide the kids about good dental hygiene and oral care habits. Dental wing at AHRI provides the best treatment for all dental diseases commonly faced by kids like tooth cavities, crooked or misaligned teeth and dental injuries.

Kids in pain are difficult to handle. They require care and compassion from their dentist. At AHRI kids are dealt with utmost care. Dr. Rohit Agarwal believes that along with treatment children must be educated and made aware of dental care as well. He says that oral health care must start right after the birth of a baby and pediatric dentistry must be adopted as soon as the child gets his first tooth. Also, a person who is concerned about pediatric dentistry will never ignore oral health and overall dental care. These fit kids will lay a concrete base for a fit and healthy India.

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best dentist in Gwalior


The overall health of an individual depends upon his oral health. Our mouth plays a major role in deciding whether we lead a healthy or diseased lifestyle. Also, oral hygiene, if not taken care of, may lead to several gum problems like tooth decay, gum swelling, tooth loss, etc. Problems in our mouth or gums also affect our speech, confidence, nutrition and facial appearance. Therefore, it is essential to ensure proper oral hygiene that will allow you to lead a healthy and happy life. We all want to maintain healthy teeth and mouth but don’t know what to do and what not to. This article contains certain golden tips by Dr. Rohit Agrawal that will help you sustain proper oral hygiene.  Dr. Rohit Agrawal (MDS) is a Dental Implantologist & LASER Surgeon currently giving his services at the Agrawal Hospital and Research Institute. With an experience of more than 2000 Successful Dental implants, he stands as the best dentist in Gwalior.

Dr. Rohit Agrawal asks his patients to brush their teeth before going to bed. This removes germs and plaque deposited over teeth protecting our mouth from bacterial infection.

Brush that we use should have soft bristles that are gentle on our gums. Our daily routine should have at least 3 brushing spans, each of 2-3 minutes. Brushing should be performed in a circular motion. This removes plaque and provides shine to our teeth.

Cleaning the tongue should not be ignored. Plaque or germs over the tongue result in bad oral odor-causing other diseases too.

According to Dr. Rohit Agrawal, our diet should consist of crunchy fruits and vegetables as they contain healthy fibers. He also advises his patients to limit acidic and sugary foods. Such food causes tooth cavities by allowing accumulation of acid-causing bacteria over teeth. Consumption of 10-12 glasses of water is also necessary for maintaining oral health.

Dr. Rohit Agrwal suggests that one must visit his dentist twice a year. This helps in overall examination of mouth and prevention of many dangerous dental problems.

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Best Dentist in Gwalior

A broken or fractured tooth is quite common in patients of all age groups especially in children and senior citizens. No matter how strong your teeth are, they can break, crack or fracture due to certain reasons or accidents. A broken tooth results in severe pain and exposes the gums to the risk of several extremely critical infections. To keep such risks at bay, one should visit his dentist as soon as he experiences any crack in his teeth. Dental wing at AHRI is the best center for treatment of tooth fractures. The dental team at AHRI consists of a well-experienced team of professionals under the leadership of the best dentist in Gwalior, Dr. Rohit Agarwal and Dr. Shipra Agarwal.

Broken tooth treatments offered by AHRI include and best dentist in Gwalior

  • Ceramic filling is a conventional method of tooth fixation that strengthens and restores almost 90 percent of the damaged tooth.
  • In dental bonding, the dentist puts a bandage on exposed portion of pulp. This process in general takes around 30-45 minutes per tooth and is performed if the affected area is small.
  • Root Canal Treatment or RCT is the best method to treat dental issues painlessly. It aims to remove the damaged pulp from the tooth and to ensure that it is infection-free. It is a painless treatment with an extremely high success rate.
  • After RCT is performed dentists prefer covering the treated tooth with dental crowns. This ensures extended protection and prevents treated teeth from further damage or infections.
  • Dental implants are also used as an effective way of treating broken teeth. Here replacement of tooth roots takes place.

Treatment at AHRI Gwalior is conducted with help of the latest technological advancements accompanied by the best possible care and that too at cheaper rates.  This blend of technology with service makes AHRI the best dental institute in Gwalior.




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Tooth decay treatment in Gwalior

Children remain at a high risk of tooth decay. It can develop as soon as the first tooth comes in. This not only creates problems while eating but also disturbs the speech of the child. Tooth decay is observed as a major reason for mood swings in growing children. AHRI provide the best Tooth decay treatment in Gwalior.

Milk teeth have much thinner enamel (outer layer). Due to this, these are more exposed to the risk of decay. To have a healthy positioning of permanent teeth, decent care of milk teeth is required. Therefore healthy dental habits should develop from the very beginning.
The main reason for tooth decay is the bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria feed on sugars and produce acids that spoil and decay the tooth enamel. But the matter of fact is that tooth decay can be easily prevented. What we need is just a set of expert tips that can prevent our children from this health risk.

This blog discusses a few ways suggested by Dr. Shipra Agarwal that are exclusively helpful in preventing tooth decay among children of all age groups. Dr. Agarwal is a practicing dentist at AHRI Gwalior and has been serving her patients for almost a decade by providing the best Tooth decay treatment in Gwalior.
For children in the age group of 1-3 years, dental hygiene should be given a firm concern. Their gums need to get wiped with a soft cloth twice a day, before the first feed and after the last feed.

Brushing should commence just after the first tooth grows. For this purpose, small and gentle brushes should be taken that are soft on the baby’s tooth. This brushing is required to be practiced with normal water only and no toothpaste or any other solution should be applied.
The kid must undergo a complete dental check-up as soon as he turns one. This check-up is essential to examine whether the gums are free from all infections or not.

When the child turns two, his teeth need to get the varnish coating. Dental varnish is a fluoride-containing solution that prevents tooth decay.
After a proper growth of milk teeth takes place, regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste (twice a day) should start.
Children need to develop a regular habit of mouth-rinsing whenever they eat something. Rinsing removes the food particles that get trapped in teeth and allows the production of bacterial acids.
As permanent teeth grow, they should get a sealant coating. Dental sealants not only prevent tooth decay but also ensure a strong configuration of permanent teeth.

Above mentioned tips by Dr. Shipra Agarwal are a result of a long experience and should be followed as golden rules to protect your kids from tooth decay.


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Root Canal Treatment also known as RCT is the best method to treat dental issues painlessly. It aims to remove the damaged pulp from the tooth and to ensure that it is infection free. RCT is required when the infection spreads to the deeper levels of tooth. Root canal treatment in gwalior is most commonly advised immediately in case of the formation of abscess where the pus-pocket gets created at the end of the roots of the tooth. If the abscess is not treated on time with Root canal treatment, then it can lead to severe effects on the health of the jawbone of the respective person. AHRI providing Root Canal Treatment in Gwalior region.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

RCT is accompanied by several benefits;

Blocks the infection path

Any infection in the tooth cavity leads to tooth decay. In RCT the bacteria causing infection is eliminated that blocks the path of that infection and prohibits it from spreading further. After removal of bacteria the tooth is disinfected, cleaned and treated properly. After this, there remains no room left for bacteria to spread anymore.

Root Canal Treatment in Gwalior

  • Fascinating result

In RCT treatment of damaged tooth pulp is followed by a crown or dental filling. Treated tooth is covered with a tooth colored filling. This filling or crown provides that tooth an attractive appearance.

  • Protects your tooth

RCT restores your tooth and makes it function like any other normal tooth.

  • Protects the jaw bone

Teeth keep the jaw bone intact. Any missing tooth affects jaw bone adversely leading to its degeneration. That is why RCT prevents jaw bone as well.

The dental wing is well equipped with all he latest technological advancements and ensures the best possible RCT to its patients. It is proficient in delivering expert consultations regarding oral hygiene and other preventive measures as well. Along with the effective use of technology, the wing has a highly experienced team of professionals who are committed to provide best care to their patients and that too at cheaper rates.

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Dental wing at AHRI Gwalior provides the best services to its patients. The hospital has a highly qualified team of dentists under the leadership of Dr. Rohit Agarwal, the best dentist in Gwalior region to get trained in Cone Beam Computed Tomography, offers the best of ambience; technological advancement and evidence based updated treatments to the patients of all age groups.

The team furnishes the best of routine and advanced diagnostic procedures and treatments like dental implants, endodontics, root-canal treatment, restorative dentistry etc. The best dental team of the AHRI is well equipped with the key aspects like inside mouth camera system, sterilization and infection control procedures at the highest stage and a Hi-dental equipment safety. By providing all such specialized services under one roof, AHRI emerges as the best dental center in Gwalior.

To provide the best dental experience to its patients, the team aims to use latest methods to combat dental infections of several types. Dentists educate their patients with appropriate dental awareness and regarding the management of oral and Para-oral health issues. AHRI conducts regular workshops based on dental implantations, LASER and endodontic. The department strictly abides by the global parameters regarding the needs for sterilization and disinfection.

The dental team of AHRI is the best in Gwalior in conducting all the latest Dental implants and the advanced surgeries. . It is committed to ensure the excellent outcomes for the patients by the effective use of technology, taking care of their satisfaction and safety as well. It is proficient in delivering expert consultations regarding oral hygiene and other preventive measures. The dentistry department of AHRI is the best dental center in Gwalior which can assure such a highly advanced and technological treatment accompanied by the best possible care and that too at the nominal costs.

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