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Hymenoplasty, otherwise called hymenorrhaphy, is the corrective fix, rebuilding, or development of a lady’s hymen. Restoration of the hymen is also known as revirginization. The hymen is an oval-shaped membrane or tissue-film that covers the vaginal opening.  A hymen can be broken or torn at various occasions during a lady’s life, regardless of whether brought about by tampon addition, work out, or sex. Minor draining is regularly connected with the breaking of the hymen. In certain societies and religions, an untouched hymen is related to a lady’s virginity. The objective of a hymenoplasty is to reestablish the appearance of the hymen.

There can be several physical or psychological reasons for seeking this procedure:

On account of any sexual assault, a lady is justifiably left with various mental issues. Hymenoplasty may offer the actual reclamation she looks for, yet may likewise supply some mental relief and healing too.

Sexual interest and experimentation are a characteristic piece of the developing cycle, particularly during youth when hormonal changes take place. Peer pressure indirectly compels a young girl for sex before she gets mentally prepared for the emotional impact related to such intimacy.  As she develops, she may feel remorseful that she enjoyed that interest too soon or over and over again. To save herself from an awful social judgment, she may look to cover any such memories of her past.

For certain ladies, infiltration of the hymen due to biking or horseback rides, slipping on ice, or tampon inclusion is not adequate and they select hymenoplasty to reestablish what was harmed unintentionally.

After childbirth, the vaginal muscles get weaken. Hymenoplasty can be adopted for re-fixing or tightening of these muscles giving an additional advantage of an all the more sensually stimulating sexual experience.

The cosmetic gynecology vertical at AHRI Gwalior is the best spot for undergoing hymenoplasty in the Gwalior-Chambal division. The vertical consists of a well-trained medical staff, under the supervision of Dr. Veena Agrawal and Dr. Sonali Agrawal. The team is well-equipped to encounter all the fields of women’s wellness. Based on all the required advancements and the latest technological support, the department ensures a well-equipped treatment methodology as well. With all such specialized treatments accompanied by the appropriate assistance, care and compassion, under one ceiling, and that too at affordable cost, AHRI stands as the best hymenoplasty center in Gwalior.


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Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that leads to construction or re-construction of vagina. In vaginoplasty the vaginal width is reduced that results into the tightening of vaginal tissues which could have injured during child-birth.

Separation of muscles and stretching of tissues occurred during the child-birth can cause vaginal laxity. This lack of tone can result into sexual dysfunction as well. In vagino plasty, these separated muscles are brought back together and the extra mucosa skin existing at the back of vagina is also eliminated.

The cosmetic gynecology vertical at AHRI is the best center for vaginoplasty in Gwalior. Under the leadership of two highly experienced gynecologists, Dr Veena Agarwal and Dr Sonali Agrawal, the team is oriented to provide the best treatment to its patients.

Vaginoplasty is a treatment that requires safety and utter precision. For this ,AHRI stands as the best hospital of Gwalior as it is well-equipped with all technological advancements which enhance the extent of safety and precision during treatment.

The Cosmetic gynecology wing at AHRI, consists of a well-trained medical staff. The team is well-equipped to encounter all fields of women’s wellness. With all such specialized treatments accompanied by appropriate assistance, care and compassion, under one ceiling, and that too at affordable cost, AHRI Gwalior ranks as the best hospital for vaginoplasty.


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