ENT ( Ear, Nose and throat) cancers

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ENT cancer treatment

ENT ( Ear, Nose and throat) cancers, also called as head and neck cancers damage the soft tissues of head and neck region. Nasopharyngeal or nose cancer is commonly detected in men, thyroid cancer in women and lymphoid in both.

Major signs and symptoms

Lumps in neck occur usually in all types of ENT cancers. Most lumps developing in neck are not cancer-causing but if such a lump sustains for more than two weeks, it must be properly examined by the doctor.

Nosebleeds take place due to injury in nose lining or any other allergy or infection. Besides this nosebleeds are also a symptom of nose cancer usually when the bleeding takes place continuously in small quantities. If bleeding is accompanied by headache and abnormal help, it needs to be medically examined.

Ulcers or severe swelling in mouth that is not recovered within a week can also be a sign of ENT cancer.

Hoarseness of voice takes place in case of cancer in the voice box. Besides voice box, it can be a symptom of thyroid cancer as well.

Difficulty in swallowing or a sense of obstruction in the throat comes out to be a symptom of throat cancer.

Severe pain or blockage in ear can take place due to the cancer of nose. It is a rarely observed symptom and can be present in case of tumor in nose or throat.

AHRI Gwalior provides the best ENT cancers treatment. Under the leadership of Dr. Rahul Agarwal, the team stands as the best in the region. Dr. Agarwal believes that if the cancer is diagnosed at early stages, it can be cured successfully. Surgery, Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the main treatment techniques at AHRI. Exact methodology of treatment is decided by the team depending upon the need and type of cancer. In nasopharyngeal cancer, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy are adopted. For thyroid cancer surgery is done to eliminate lymph nodes present in neck. In the case of lymphoma, chemotherapy takes place.

Dr Rahul Agarwal is a highly qualified, acclaimed and the best ENT cancer specialist of Gwalior. with experience of more than a decade, he has a record of performing several highly critical surgeries successfully. He is the first doctor to bring CO2 laser surgeries for ENT in Gwalior. Then ENT vertical at AHRI Gwalior has an extremely qualified squad of professionals with years of knowledge to satisfy all ear, nose, neck and head-related healthcare requirements. The vertical in its best capacity utilizes all the technological advancements and aims to facilitate its patients with utmost care and compassion.



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