Best gynecologist in Gwalior for treating infertility

April 25, 2022 0

gynecologist in Gwalior

Pregnancy is an incredible journey of 9 months that remains special for every woman. A healthy pregnancy requires proper care-both physical and mental. If you too are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant, this blog will help you throughout your journey. It comprises 5 must-follow tips suggested by Dr. Sonali Agrawal best gynecologist in Gwalior to ensure a safe and sound pregnancy period.

Dr. Sonali Agrawal is  a practicing gynecologist at AHRI, Gwalior. With her expertise in IVF, she stands as the best gynecologist in Gwalior for treating infertility. With an experience of 10+ years, she has a record of conducting several critical surgeries successfully including endoscopic surgeries and various high-risk pregnancies.

A healthy diet is essential for a baby’s brain development. According to Dr. Agrawal, an expecting mother should eat meals rich in OMEGA-3 fatty acids such as soybeans, spinach and fish.

Exercising improves posture and reduces stress which is extremely important for a healthy pregnancy.

Dr. Agrawal suggests expecting mothers listen to some calm and happening music at least for 20 minutes a day.

Vitamin D is extremely important during pregnancy. Dr. Sonali advises her patients to soak in sunshine for at least 30 minutes a day.

Massage your belly gently, it will ensure good stimulation for the baby developing his/her response to your touch.

Following these tips by Dr. Sonali Agrawal is ample enough for a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy.

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