Treatments involving production of growth factors in Gwalior

August 26, 2021 0

production of growth factors


Generation of growth factors is an advanced treatment methodology that enhances the healing process. It is well-suited in almost all fields of medicine wherever healing is concerned. AHRI is the first institute in Gwalior to get equipped with treatments involving production of growth factors.

Growth factors are highly effective but not commonly found in hospitals, which is why many of us are not aware of its several merits that help us heal much faster. This blog shares a piece of decent information on growth factors and their varied benefits.

Production of growth factors, in general, is a two-step procedure. Firstly, the blood sample of patient is collected and then it is processed in a machine that generates a gel-like viscous fluid. This generated fluid contains growth factors. Efficiency of growth factors can be perceived from the fact that they result in a 10-time increased healing process. 

Growth factors contain antiseptic properties and hence ensure a risk-free treatment. As it is processed from the blood itself, is is free from any harmful reaction. 

AHRI uses France-based equipment that produces A-PRF ( Advanced Rich Fibrin). A-PRF has relatively more growth factors than any other plasma solution. Due to its merits of faster and natural healing, almost every vertical at AHRI involves growth factors during treatment. AHRI has witnessed several successful cases of severe ear-wounds, throat damage, dental injuries, cracked bones, etc where growth factors have relieved patients. 

AHRI Gwalior takes no extra charge of producing growth factors and ensures a reaction-free, quick and efficient healing.

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