Tooth decay treatment in Gwalior

July 25, 2021 0

Tooth decay treatment in Gwalior

Children remain at a high risk of tooth decay. It can develop as soon as the first tooth comes in. This not only creates problems while eating but also disturbs the speech of the child. Tooth decay is observed as a major reason for mood swings in growing children. AHRI provide the best Tooth decay treatment in Gwalior.

Milk teeth have much thinner enamel (outer layer). Due to this, these are more exposed to the risk of decay. To have a healthy positioning of permanent teeth, decent care of milk teeth is required. Therefore healthy dental habits should develop from the very beginning.
The main reason for tooth decay is the bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria feed on sugars and produce acids that spoil and decay the tooth enamel. But the matter of fact is that tooth decay can be easily prevented. What we need is just a set of expert tips that can prevent our children from this health risk.

This blog discusses a few ways suggested by Dr. Shipra Agarwal that are exclusively helpful in preventing tooth decay among children of all age groups. Dr. Agarwal is a practicing dentist at AHRI Gwalior and has been serving her patients for almost a decade by providing the best Tooth decay treatment in Gwalior.
For children in the age group of 1-3 years, dental hygiene should be given a firm concern. Their gums need to get wiped with a soft cloth twice a day, before the first feed and after the last feed.

Brushing should commence just after the first tooth grows. For this purpose, small and gentle brushes should be taken that are soft on the baby’s tooth. This brushing is required to be practiced with normal water only and no toothpaste or any other solution should be applied.
The kid must undergo a complete dental check-up as soon as he turns one. This check-up is essential to examine whether the gums are free from all infections or not.

When the child turns two, his teeth need to get the varnish coating. Dental varnish is a fluoride-containing solution that prevents tooth decay.
After a proper growth of milk teeth takes place, regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste (twice a day) should start.
Children need to develop a regular habit of mouth-rinsing whenever they eat something. Rinsing removes the food particles that get trapped in teeth and allows the production of bacterial acids.
As permanent teeth grow, they should get a sealant coating. Dental sealants not only prevent tooth decay but also ensure a strong configuration of permanent teeth.

Above mentioned tips by Dr. Shipra Agarwal are a result of a long experience and should be followed as golden rules to protect your kids from tooth decay.

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