Best Gynecologist in Gwalior

July 25, 2021 0

Gynecologist in Gwalior

Women face several health issues during their reproductive life span. The reason behind these is the gynecological transformations a female’s body goes through. This blog elaborates on such health problems along with details of related treatment methodologies. If you too come across any of these gynecological health issues, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Irregular bleeding is a major issue taking place during menstrual periods. In this, a lady experiences severe bleeding accompanied by clots and cramps. Treatment of irregular bleeding involves medication for a few months and can be treated easily.

Yeast infections in the vagina are a cause of severe irritation. Overgrowth of yeast cells causes infection in the vagina. The main causes of these infections include oral contraceptives, heavy medication, or antibiotics. Few hygiene sprays and prescribed medicines can treat yeast infections successfully.

Uterine fibroids are responsible for painful periods. These are smooth tissues that develop within the walls of the uterus. Besides adverse impacts on periods, uterine fibroids also cause infertility and continuous urination. Certain inflammatory drugs are adopted for treating prohibit the formation of these tissues inside the uterus.

Best Gynecologist in Gwalior at AHRI, consists of a well-trained medical staff, under the supervision of Dr. Veena Agrawal and Dr. Sonali Agrawal. The team is well-equipped to encounter all the fields of women’s wellness. Based on all the required advancements and the latest technological support, the department ensures a well-equipped treatment methodology as well.

The department of Gynecology and obstetrics at AHRI Gwalior offers the best women’s healthcare. The hospital ensures facilities through all phases of existence along with efficient management of related diseases. The department renders technological support covering the full range of healthcare services like painless deliveries, minimally invasive surgeries, management of high-risk or late pregnancies, fertility care, reproductive disorders, and gynecological urgent surgery.

With all such specialized treatments accompanied by the appropriate assistance, care, and compassion, under one ceiling, and that too at affordable cost, AHRI ranks as the Best Gynecologist in Gwalior.



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