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best ent treatment in gwalior

AHRI Gwalior provides the best ENT treatment in Gwalior. ENT wing at AHRI works under supervision of the best ENT surgeons in Gwalior, Dr. S R Agrawal and Dr. Rahul Agrawal.

Dr. S R Agrawal is one of the most acclaimed ENT surgeons in India and has been serving his patients for over five decades. He contains an experience of conducting 200+ successful surgeries including the most crucial cases of ENT cancers as well. He commands expertise in all dimensions of treatments related to ENT.

Besides his practice as a surgeon, he is an acknowledged academician too. He has served several academic chairs and has also been a member of the Union Public Service Commission.

Dr. Rahul Agrawal is the first doctor to bring CO2 laser surgeries for ENT in Gwalior. Following the footsteps of his father, he has then started a regular teaching course in Gwalior, where surgeons from not only our country but abroad (eg, Iraq, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, etc) come regularly to learn from him. Till 2020 he has experience of more than 300 Cochlear Implant surgeries, both in children and in adults.

He also has a keen interest in Sleep apnea treatment with experience of over 17 years in this field.

The ENT vertical at AHRI Gwalior has an extremely qualified squad of professionals with years of knowledge to satisfy all ear, nose, neck, and head-related healthcare requirements. The vertical in its best capacity utilizes all the technological advancements and aims to facilitate its patients with utmost care.





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