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gynecologist in Gwalior

The department of Gynecology and obstetrics at AHRI Gwalior offers the best women healthcare. It ensures facilities throughout all the phases of existence along with the efficient management of related diseases. The department renders the best technological support covering the full range of healthcare services like painless deliveries, minimally invasive surgeries, management of high-risk or late pregnancies, fertility care, reproductive disorders, gynecological urgent surgery and educational and support facilities for all a woman’s requirements.

Gynecology vertical at AHRI Gwalior is the best in providing parental care and counseling to its patients. Women of different age groups have different medical concerns which are addressed with the best care at AHRI. Also, the safety and comfort of the female patients, as well as their children, is the primary concern of the institute.

The center for Gynecology at AHRI is the only spot in Gwalior to commence Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and infertility treatment.  It has also been the first in Madhya Pradesh to start colposcopic guided cervical CO2 Laser surgeries, LEEP.

The department also conducts wellness check-up programs for chronic disease screening and diagnosis, such as breast cancer and cervical cancer.

The Gynecological and Obstetrics center at AHRI, has a team of highly experienced and acclaimed doctors accompanied by a well-trained medical staff, led by Dr. Veena Agrawal and DR Sonali Agrawal. Dr Veena Agrawal is the best gynecologist in Gwalior with the experience of conducting 4800+ successful surgeries. She possesses expertise in almost all types of treatment related to gynecology and obstetrics. Dr Sonali Agarwal is an expert in IVF and the best gynecologist in Gwalior for treating infertility. With experience of 10+ years, she has a record of conducting several critical surgeries successfully including endoscopic surgeries and various high risk pregnancies.

The team is oriented to encounter all the fields of women’s wellness. Based on all the required advancements and the latest technological support the department ensures a well-equipped treatment methodology.

With all such specialized treatments accompanied by the appropriate assistance, care and compassion, under one ceiling, and that too at affordable costs, AHRI ranks as the best Gynecological center in Gwalior.

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