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Pregnancy is a beautiful journey of 9 months that converts a woman into a mother. A healthy pregnancy requires proper physical and mental care as well. If you too are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant, this blog will help you throughout your journey. It contains a set of few steps by Dr. Sonali Agrawal to ensure a safe and sound pregnancy period.

Dr. Sonali Agrawal is a practicing gynecologist at AHRI, Gwalior. With her expertise in IVF, she stands as the best gynecologist in Gwalior for treating infertility. With an experience of 10+ years, she has a record of conducting several critical surgeries successfully including endoscopic surgeries and various high-risk pregnancies.

According to Dr. Agrawal, an expecting mother should eat meals rich in OMEGA-3 fatty acids such as soybeans, spinach and fish. Along with this, nuts and almonds should also be taken. Almonds are protein-rich and therefore act as a good source of energy. Walnuts help in developing brain cells of the baby.

Unstable thyroid is harmful during pregnancy. It not only affects mother’s health but also results in the low intelligence quotient of the baby. Therefore pregnant ladies must undergo regular thyroid check-ups. Exercising improves posture and reduces stress which is extremely important for a healthy pregnancy. Along with this, Dr. Agrawal suggests expecting mothers listen to some calm and happening music at least for 20 minutes a day as well.

Vitamin D is extremely important during pregnancy. Dr. Sonali advises her patients to soak in sunshine for at least 30 minutes a day. Also, if you smoke or consume alcohol, it must be prohibited for the whole period right from the time of conception.

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