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A tongue-tie is a disability that ties the tongue at one place prohibiting its movement. This problem is generally noticed in babies at the time of their birth and sustains lifelong when left untreated. Our Tongue has several tasks to perform and for that it should be able to have movements in all directions. Read more about Best hospital in Gwalior for audiology and speech-related problems Click here

As in tongue-tie movements of tongue are limited, it causes lingual issues in babies. Babies suffering from tongue-tie cannot have a clear speech. Initially, it creates difficulties in breastfeeding as well.

Because tongue-tie takes place at a very initial stage when the baby is born, it does not include apparent symptoms. But as it’s a crucial ailment there lie certain noticeable signs that include;

  • Tongue cannot move
  • Clicking sounds while breastfeeding
  • Baby does not suck properly
  • Issues in weight-gaining
  • Feeding for longer spans
  • Cracked nipples
  • Infection in breast
  • Pain after breastfeeding

Besides these signs, you can also physically examine whether the issue of tongue-tie exists or not. Just notice the condition of mouth and tongue in the child. A wooden stick called tongue depressor can also be used for this purpose. Older kids should be asked to pronounce an r or l.

AHRI is the best hospital in Gwalior for audiology and speech-related problems in patients of all age groups. It is committed to ensuring excellent outcomes for patients by the effective use of technology, taking care of their satisfaction and safety as well. AHRI Gwalior has a team of the best doctors and well-experienced medical professionals.

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For people who have undergone severe hearing loss or any form of inner-ear damage, cochlear implant is the most ultimate solution. It is an electronic device that partially restores hearing. If you have not been benefitted from any hearing aid yet, cochlear implant is there to sort your all worries.

It is different from all other conventional hearing aids which amplify sounds. It does not involve any process of sound-amplification but sets the damaged portions of the ear on job to deliver sound signals to the auditory or hearing nerve.

Cochlear Implant

It is technologically advanced equipment and also uses a sound processor that fits behind the ear. There exists a receiver that has a role to transfer signals to electrodes implanted in the inner ear, also called cochlea. These signals stimulate the auditory nerve which further transfers them to the brain. Now, the brain interprets these signals as sounds.

The sound that we are referring to is different from the one that we know as normal hearing. Our brain also needs a course of time to get familiar with these signals received from cochlear implant. Initially, there arrive certain issues but within a span of six to eight months, a patient gets immensely comfortable with cochlear implant and regains his hearing

The audiology vertical at AHRI Gwalior is the best institute in the region to undergo cochlear implant. With a team of highly qualified and well-experienced doctors, the institute offers diagnostic evaluations to people having speech, hearing, language, and communication difficulties. It is committed to ensuring excellent outcomes for the patients by the effective use of technology, taking care of their satisfaction and safety as well.

Being pioneered in Madhya Pradesh, the audiology vertical at AHRI Gwalior provides the best cochlear implant accompanied by the best possible care, and that too at nominal expenses.

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