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Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is usually done to save those teeth where the cavity becomes very deep and involves the tooth nerve present in the centre of the tooth structure. Nowadays, RCT can be done in: SINGLE APPOINTMENT PAINLESS EXCELLENT SUCCESS TATE #Symptoms of teeth which require RCT: 1. Severe pain in tooth 2. Sensitivity to hot and cold 3. A small swelling/pimple on the gum 4. Sometimes the tooth might die from within with no pain at all 5. Pain in tooth at night It is the ONLY treatment to save badly infected and broken down teeth, Watch this video of Root Canal Treatment (RCT) by Dr Shipra Agrawal, Best Female Dentist in Gwalior to know about this treatment in detail.

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Do you or your friends have a broken front tooth? Do you lack confidence while smiling. Then this video is for you. Front teeth can break due to many reasons- fall in childhood, accident, dental decay or in a fight. Traditionally these teeth required root canal treatment (RCT) and a Cap/crown to restore the shape of tooth. This whole treatment usually requires multiple appointments, 5-10 days of time and is costly. But nowadays, with the advancements of modern materials and techniques tooth fractures can be treated with COMPOSITES, which is a tooth colored filling material. Single Appointment. watch this video for more details.

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This treatment is use to correct crowded and misaligned teeth or jaws, Dental braces are wire-based appliances. Doctors for dental braces fixing in Gwalior, Get complete detail by Dr Shipra Agrawal (Dentist).

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Dr Shipra Agrawal Best Female Dentist in Gwalior is explaining about RCT (Root canal treatment). when RCT is useful and now RCT (Root canal treatment) is possible in single appointment using latest technologies and instruments.

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