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best dentists in Gwalior

A broken tooth results in severe pain and exposes the gums to the risk of several extremely critical infections. Broken tooth is a common problem found in patients of all age groups. No matter how strong your teeth are, they can break, crack or fracture due to certain reasons or accidents. To keep such risks at bay, one should visit his dentist as soon as he experiences any crack in his teeth. The dental team at AHRI consists of a well-experienced team of professionals under the leadership of the best dentists in Gwalior, Dr. Rohit Agarwal and Dr. Shipra Agarwal.

AHRI offers all kinds of treatment for a broken tooth. Root Canal Treatment or RCT is the best method to treat dental issues painlessly. It aims to remove the damaged pulp from the tooth and to ensure that it is infection-free. It is a painless treatment with an extremely high success rate. After RCT is performed dentists prefer covering the treated tooth with dental crowns. This ensures extended protection and prevents treated teeth from further damage or infections. Besides RCT, Ceramic filling is also a commonly preferred solution for a broken tooth. It is a conventional method of tooth fixation that strengthens and restores almost 90 percent of the damaged tooth.

If the problem worsens and turns severely critical then Dental Implants are advisable. This procedure involves replacement of tooth roots.

All the above-mentioned treatments at AHRI Gwalior are conducted with help of the latest technological advancements accompanied by the best possible care. We at AHRI firmly ensure that money shouldn’t prohibit a patient from getting adequate treatment. That is why AHRI Gwalior offers its patients the best treatment at cheaper costs. This blend of technology with service makes AHRI the best dental dentists institute in Gwalior.

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treatment for sinus in Gwalior

Sinus or sinusitis is an infection in nasal passages. In this the sinuses and nasal pathways undergo inflammation.  Sinuses generate mucus which helps our body prevent entry of germs. When generation of mucus exceeds the required extent, it results in production of bacteria and viruses in nasal cavity. Treatment for sinus in Gwalior :-

Sinusitis is generally not so severe and can be cured easily. One must not ignore that every allergic infection or cold is not sinusitis. There exist quite prominent and observable symptoms of this ailment. Running nose, smell loss, high fever, sore throat and cough are the indication at an initial stage. This is a point when you should consult an ENt specialist. If the infection worsens, it results in facial swelling, dizziness and unbearable pain in the ear and jaws.

A wise man said, “Prevention is better than cure”. If you too want to stay away from doses of antibiotics and injections, you should keep sinus at bay. Now the question arises, is sinusitis preventable? The answer is a big YES. Sinus can be quite easily prevented by adopting some easy-to-follow measures.

Increase intake of green vegetables and fruits in your diet. This will help you stay immune to this infection. Besides a good diet, physical exercise and yoga will also increase your immunity. Wash your hands for 20 seconds before eating anything as hygiene prohibits entry of germs into the body. Along with this gargling with salt water should also be adopted. Also, smoking and alcohol need to be avoided strictly.

AHRI provides the best treatment for sinus in Gwalior. Instead of temporary treatment, we at AHRI help our patients achieve permanent relief. We serve our patients with utmost care and ensure the best possible solutions to their problems, that too at much cheaper costs.

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gynecology hospital in Gwalior

AHRI is the best gynecology hospital in Gwalior. The department of Gynecology and obstetrics at AHRI Gwalior offers the best women’s healthcare. The department renders technological support covering the full range of healthcare services like painless deliveries, management of high-risk or late pregnancies, fertility care, reproductive disorders and gynecological urgent surgery.

The safety and comfort of the female patients, as well as their children, are the primary concerns of the hospital.

In gynecology, there exist a few limitations. The gynecologist may not know everything even after the diagnosis. Here, a proper consultation with the doctor is required in which the patient can share everything verbally. There remains a dilemma in females regarding the issues which must or must not be discussed with the doctor. This blog discusses a comprehensive list of those problems which a lady must share frankly with her gynecologist;

  • Pain during menstrual cycle
  • Irregular periods
  • Vaginal odor
  • Vaginal itching
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Urinary leakage
  • Vaginal swelling
  • Sore breasts

AHRI understands the value of counseling and proper consultation to treat the above-mentioned issues of the patients. We at AHRI not counsel our patients but also help them emotionally throughout the course of treatment.

The Gynecological and Obstetrics center at AHRI, consists of a well-trained medical staff, under the supervision of Dr. Veena Agrawal and Dr. Sonali Agrawal. With all such specialized treatments accompanied by the appropriate assistance, care and compassion, under one ceiling, and that too at affordable cost, AHRI ranks as the best Gynecology hospital in Gwalior.

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best ENT hospital in Gwalior
What is a nosebleed?

Nosebleeds or bleeding from nostrils can initially feel scary but are not that dangerous. The front and back portions of our nose contain delicate blood vessels. Any damage or harm to these blood vessels results in nosebleeds.

Generally, nosebleeds can be cured at home and do not require any serious medical attention. Whenever a nosebleed takes place, it sustains for a minute or two. But if its frequency increases, an adequate medication should be pursued.  Likewise, a nosebleed taking place after an injury can be dangerous and should get medically addressed as soon as possible.


A nosebleed can take place due to various reasons out of which, dry air is the most commonly observed. A dry environment causes dryness in tissues inside the nose that are also known as nasal membranes. Further, this dryness becomes a reason for crusting inside the nose leading to itching and irritation. Generally due to this irritation, patient scratches his nose which causes bleeding.

Besides dry air, overconsumption of aspirin tablets is too a reason for nosebleeds. Allergies and respiratory infections when remain untreated cause bleeding from nose. Along with this, nasal injury, blood clotting and sinus are also widely observed reasons for nosebleeds. If continuous bleeding takes place without any injury or nasal damage, it may signify a case of cancer as well.

What to do?

Lean down forward keeping your nostrils closed and breathe through your mouth. Repeat this for 8-10 minutes and monitor your bleeding accordingly. If the bleeding remains, repeat this exercise for another 10 minutes.

If the bleeding does not stop, visit your doctor immediately.

AHRI Gwalior provides the best treatment for nosebleeds. We at AHRI treat our patients with all the latest equipment and technological advancements. We also ensure the best possible care at affordable costs. Service with professionalism is the blend that makes AHRI the best ENT hospital in Gwalior

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