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best dental care institute in Gwalior

AHRI is the best dental care institute in Gwalior. Under the leadership of the best two dentists in Gwalior Dr. Rohit Agrawal and Dr. Shipra Agrawal, dental team at AHRI consists of the best medical professionals who are well trained and proficiently experienced.

Dr. Shipra Agrawal (MDS) is an Endodontist at the Agrawal Hospital and Research Institute. She specializes in the field of Cosmetic dentistry & Smile designing. She is also working as Associate Professor at a dental college and has trained many postgraduate students also. Dr. Rohit Agrawal (MDS) is a Dental Implantologist & LASER Surgeon currently giving his services at the Agrawal Hospital and Research Institute. With experience of more than 2000 Successful Dental implants.

AHRI Gwalior furnishes the best of routine and advanced diagnostic procedures and treatments like dental implants, pedodontics, root-canal treatment, restorative dentistry, etc. The dental team of the AHRI is well equipped with the key aspects like inside mouth camera system, sterilization and infection control procedures at the highest stage and Hi-dental equipment safety. By providing all such specialized services under one roof, AHRI emerges as the best dental center in Gwalior.

To provide the best dental experience to its patients, dental team at AHRI aims to use the latest methods to combat dental infections of several types. Counseling and proper guidance too stand as essential elements of treatment. Dr. Rohit Agrawal and Dr. Shipra Agrawal effectively communicate with their patients guiding them with the best tips for dental care. They educate their patients with appropriate dental awareness and regarding the management of oral and Para-oral health issues. AHRI conducts regular workshops based on dental implantations, LASER and endodontic. The department strictly abides by the global parameters regarding the need for sterilization and disinfection.

Also, AHRI is proficient in delivering expert consultations regarding oral hygiene and other preventive measures. The dentistry department of AHRI is the best dental care institute in Gwalior which can assure such a highly advanced and technological treatment accompanied by the best possible care and that too at nominal costs.

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Gynecologist in Gwalior

The Gynecological and Obstetrics center at AHRI, consists of a well-trained medical staff, under the supervision of Dr. Veena Agrawal. Dr. Veena Agrawal is the senior-most and the best gynecologist in Gwalior with the experience of conducting 4800+ successful surgeries. Dr. Veena Agarwal is a highly acclaimed gynecologist in Gwalior who has been serving her patients for over 40 years.

Under her comprehensive monitoring, the team is well-equipped to encounter all fields of women’s wellness. Based on all the required advancements and the latest technological support, the department aims to provide the best treatment to its patients.

Dr. Veena Agrawal believes that Women of different age groups have different medical concerns that should be addressed according to the nature of problem. She keeps safety and comforts her patients at the top priority. Besides being the best gynecologist in Gwalior she is an expert in guiding and counseling her patients as well. Dr. Veena Agrawal helps her patients by properly educating them with the best parental care advice.

This department of AHRI is the only Gynecologist in gwalior which commenced Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and infertility treatment. Along with this, it has also been the first in Madhya Pradesh to start colposcopic guided cervical CO2 Laser surgeries, LEEP.

Dr. Veena Agrawal serves her patients with utmost compassion and care. She is of opinion that adequate treatment is the right of every patient and money should not become an obstacle in this. It is her initiative that has encouraged the gynecology and obstetrics department at AHRI to design such an economic and patient-friendly treatment structure.

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best hospital in Gwalior for audiology and speech-related problems

AHRI is the best hospital in Gwalior for audiology and speech-related problems. It is committed to ensuring excellent outcomes for patients by the effective use of technology, taking care of their satisfaction and safety as well. AHRI Gwalior has a team of the best doctors and well-experienced medical professionals.

AHRI offers its patients all hearing-related treatments which are safe and economic. The hospital is well-equipped to test all types of hearing issues in adults as well as in newborns. AHRI consists of well-maintained labs and pathologies under the supervision of trained professionals.

Audiology problems result in severe migraine and dizziness. AHRI provides its patients with appropriate evaluation of dizziness along with the treatment concerned.

A cochlear implant is helpful in partially restoring hearing. It is an electronic device that electrically stimulates the cochlear nerve(the nerve for hearing). It is a boon for people who have severe hearing loss from inner-ear damage and are no longer helped by hearing aids.

AHRI provides the best hearing aid evaluation accompanied by proper counseling thats why AHRI is the best hospital in Gwalior for audiology and speech-related problems.

Patients suffering from hearing problems need to protect themselves from noise. Noise of any kind worsens their problem and causes nervous damage too. AHRI prescribes such patients noise protection devices like custom earplugs and molds. These devices are comfortable and completely safe.

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ENT specialists in gwalior

Dr. S R Agrawal is the best and senior-most ENT surgeon in Gwalior. Standing as one of the most acclaimed ENT specialists in gwalior he has been serving his patients for over five decades. He contains experience in conducting 200+ successful surgeries including the most crucial cases of ENT cancers as well. He commands expertise in all dimensions of treatments related to ENT. Besides his practice as a surgeon, he is an acknowledged academician too. He has 42 Publication in National & International Journals. He has been Theses Guide for 70 M.S. (E.N.T.) and 2 Ph.D. (E.N.T.). He has Co-Authored a book “Multiple Choice questions in the clinical subject”. Dr. S R Agrawal has chaired several prominent chairs and has also delivered his services as the Dean of G R Medical College Gwalior.
Dr. S R Agrawal has been providing top-quality medical treatments with compassion and commitment to his patients. He specializes in all aspects of ENT treatments and surgeries exclusively in allergy, audiology, nasal and sinus disorders. He is continuously striving to know his patients’ issues regardless of the severity of the conditions and aims to offer a complete solution.
Under the supervision of Dr. S R Agrawal, AHRI has become the best ENT specialists in gwalior. The ENT vertical at AHRI Gwalior has an extremely qualified squad of professionals with years of knowledge to satisfy all ear, nose, neck, and head-related healthcare requirements. The vertical in its best capacity utilizes all the technological advancements and aims to facilitate its patients with utmost care.



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