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production of growth factors


Generation of growth factors is an advanced treatment methodology that enhances the healing process. It is well-suited in almost all fields of medicine wherever healing is concerned. AHRI is the first institute in Gwalior to get equipped with treatments involving production of growth factors.

Growth factors are highly effective but not commonly found in hospitals, which is why many of us are not aware of its several merits that help us heal much faster. This blog shares a piece of decent information on growth factors and their varied benefits.

Production of growth factors, in general, is a two-step procedure. Firstly, the blood sample of patient is collected and then it is processed in a machine that generates a gel-like viscous fluid. This generated fluid contains growth factors. Efficiency of growth factors can be perceived from the fact that they result in a 10-time increased healing process. 

Growth factors contain antiseptic properties and hence ensure a risk-free treatment. As it is processed from the blood itself, is is free from any harmful reaction. 

AHRI uses France-based equipment that produces A-PRF ( Advanced Rich Fibrin). A-PRF has relatively more growth factors than any other plasma solution. Due to its merits of faster and natural healing, almost every vertical at AHRI involves growth factors during treatment. AHRI has witnessed several successful cases of severe ear-wounds, throat damage, dental injuries, cracked bones, etc where growth factors have relieved patients. 

AHRI Gwalior takes no extra charge of producing growth factors and ensures a reaction-free, quick and efficient healing.

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Best IVF Center in Gwalior

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is an assisted reproductive method that increases the chances of pregnancy. In this, the eggs are collected from ovaries and fertilized with sperms. AHRI Gwalior has achieved great success in the field of IVF, by assisting to satisfy the parenthood dreams of infertile couples. By providing the most satisfactory level of fertility treatments in the leadership of Dr. Sonali Agrawal, it stands as the best IVF center in Gwalior.

IVF center at AHRI uses the latest equipment and technologies ranging from USG machines to well-established OTs. The center has well-set embryology labs as well. The technologically advanced treatment makes AHRI the best IVF center in gwalior.

Infrastructure and sanitation are highly important for an IVF center. The infrastructure of AHRI is very well planned to keep in mind the cleanliness, hygiene, ventilation and safety of the patients.

Most couples get frustrated due to regular testing and inappropriate treatments. Such couples need proper counseling before getting into the treatment process. AHRI considers counseling a major part of the treatment. The couples are enlightened about the several causes of infertility. Along with this, they are counseled about their several emotional doubts, before, during and after the treatment.

For many couples, cost becomes a major issue while choosing the IVF center. AHRI, with its highly economical treatment, helps its patients by not allowing money to become an obstacle on their path of parenthood. It is the cheapest IVF center in Gwalior.

The success of any medical organization depends highly on its team. The IVF center at AHRI has a well-trained staff that works as a team having full cooperation with each other. Each member is concerned to provide the best possible care to the patients with dedication and compassion. The center is a blend of manpower with the latest technological advancements.

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Best Dentist in Gwalior

A broken or fractured tooth is quite common in patients of all age groups especially in children and senior citizens. No matter how strong your teeth are, they can break, crack or fracture due to certain reasons or accidents. A broken tooth results in severe pain and exposes the gums to the risk of several extremely critical infections. To keep such risks at bay, one should visit his dentist as soon as he experiences any crack in his teeth. Dental wing at AHRI is the best center for treatment of tooth fractures. The dental team at AHRI consists of a well-experienced team of professionals under the leadership of the best dentist in Gwalior, Dr. Rohit Agarwal and Dr. Shipra Agarwal.

Broken tooth treatments offered by AHRI include and best dentist in Gwalior

  • Ceramic filling is a conventional method of tooth fixation that strengthens and restores almost 90 percent of the damaged tooth.
  • In dental bonding, the dentist puts a bandage on exposed portion of pulp. This process in general takes around 30-45 minutes per tooth and is performed if the affected area is small.
  • Root Canal Treatment or RCT is the best method to treat dental issues painlessly. It aims to remove the damaged pulp from the tooth and to ensure that it is infection-free. It is a painless treatment with an extremely high success rate.
  • After RCT is performed dentists prefer covering the treated tooth with dental crowns. This ensures extended protection and prevents treated teeth from further damage or infections.
  • Dental implants are also used as an effective way of treating broken teeth. Here replacement of tooth roots takes place.

Treatment at AHRI Gwalior is conducted with help of the latest technological advancements accompanied by the best possible care and that too at cheaper rates.  This blend of technology with service makes AHRI the best dental institute in Gwalior.



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Best IVF Center in Gwalior

Women of different age groups have different medical concerns which are addressed with the best IVF center in Gwalior at AHRI. The safety and comfort of the female patients, as well as their children, are primary concerns of the institute. It helps patients with their proper counseling and educates them with the best parental care tips as well.

The Gynecological and IVF center at AHRI, consists of a well-trained medical staff, under the supervision of the best gynecologist in Gwalior Dr. Veena Agarwal. Dr. Veena Agarwal is a highly acclaimed and senior-most gynecologist in Gwalior who has been serving her patients for over 40 years. The team is well-equipped to encounter all fields of women’s wellness. Based on all the required advancements and the latest technological support, the department aims to provide the best treatment to its patients.

AHRI Gwalior has achieved great success in the field of IVF, by assisting to satisfy the parenthood dreams of infertile couples. By providing the most satisfactory level of fertility treatments, it stands as the best IVF center in the city.

The IVF center at AHRI uses the latest equipment and technologies ranging from USG machines to OTs equipped with the latest tools. The center has well-established embryology labs as well. The technologically advanced treatment makes AHRI the best IVF center in Gwalior.

With all such specialized treatments accompanied by the appropriate assistance, care and compassion, under one ceiling, and that too at affordable costs, AHRI ranks as the best Gynecology and IVF center in Gwalior.

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best ENT center in Gwalior

The ENT vertical at AHRI Gwalior provides an extremely qualified and well-experienced squad of professionals. We at AHRI aim to satisfy all ear, nose and throat-related issues with utmost professionalism. AHRI is the best ENT center in Gwalior providing world-class treatment to its patients at much cheaper rates.

The institute is competent enough to deal with all kinds of emergency and non-emergency services including most critical surgeries as well. Agarwal’s ENT center in Gwalior features a well-established team of experts in audiology, cochlear implant surgery, and rehabilitation to provide essential health care for sensitive issues.

ENT team at AHRI works under the two highly acclaimed and best ent surgeons in Gwalior, Dr. S R Agarwal and Dr. Rahul Agarwal. Dr. SR Agarwal is one of the best ENT surgeons in India who has been serving his patients for more than 50 years. Pioneered in almost all the verticals related to ENT treatments, Dr. S R Agarwal holds experience in conducting over 100 successful surgeries.

Dr. Rahul Agrawal became the youngest ENT surgeon in India to perform Cochlear Implant Surgery. He performed his 1st Cochlear Implant Surgery on 21st July’2010 at Agrawal Hospital and Research Institute, Gwalior. The patient was a 3-year-old child, deaf and mute from birth. Dr. Rahul Agrawal has experience of more than 200 cases of successful cochlear Implant surgeries.

ENT wing at AHRI is well equipped with all the latest technological advancements and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Addressing medical needs of every patient is our prime goal. The vertical in its best capacity utilizes technology and aims to facilitate its patients with utmost care and compassion.




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