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In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is an assisted reproductive method that increases the chances of pregnancy. In this, eggs are collected from ovaries and fertilized with sperms.  Besides enhanced chances of pregnancy, IVF ensures several other benefits as well.

IVF is generally used as the last resort when all fertility treatments fail to obtain desired outcomes. It stands as the ultimate parenting solution for couples who have been trying to fulfill their parenthood dreams for a long time.

IVF works beyond restrictions, with help of IVF same-sex couples, physically unable ladies or single women can become parents.

It allows patients to select pregnancy time of their own choice. Eggs or embryos can be preserved for future use-one can then choose a window of time when you want to be pregnant – or when the couple wants their baby to be born.

With the help of genetic screening, IVF increases chances of having a healthy baby.

The common reason behind miscarriage is genetic abnormality due to which body terminates pregnancy naturally. IVF prevents such abnormality helping mothers enjoy a healthy pregnancy span.

IVF involves multiple cycles that are used to increase fertility chances in women assuring a healthy pregnancy.

AHRI Gwalior has achieved great success in the field of IVF, by assisting to satisfy the parenthood dreams of infertile couples. By providing the most satisfactory level of fertility treatments in the leadership of Dr. Sonali Agrawal, it stands as the best IVF center in Gwalior.

The IVF center at AHRI uses the latest equipment and technologies ranging from USG machines to OTs equipped with the latest tools. The center has well-set embryology labs as well. The technologically advanced treatment at affordable rates makes AHRI the best IVF center in the city.




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Dental implant is a surgical process that involves replacement of damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function as real ones. Bridges and dentures have been the only treatment options available to patients with missing teeth.  But today, dental implant offers a wide range of solutions for such severe dental issues.

There are several other benefits of dental implants;

Dental implants appear like real teeth and therefore enhance appearance that gets disturbed due to missing or damaged teeth.

Missing teeth create speech-related issues too. A dental implant helps the patient in restoring speech quality.

Dental implants make chewing easier. As they function like your real teeth, they allow you to eat your favorite fruit without any discomfort.

A damaged tooth adversely affects the teeth beside it. Dental implants maintain oral health by keeping teeth intact.

Durability is the most significant aspect of dental implants. If maintained with good care, dental implants last lifelong.

Along with all other advantages, it is the comfort that makes dental implants the best treatment option for missing teeth.

Dental wing of AHRI is the best center for dental implant in Gwalior region. In the leadership of Dr. Rohit Agarwal, who himself is an acclaimed dentist having experience of more than a decade, the center has been successfully conducting dental implants of patients belonging to several age groups.

The dental implant at AHRI is conducted by the latest technological advancements accompanied by the best possible care and that too at cheaper rates.  This blend of technology with service makes AHRI the best dental implant center in Gwalior.









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Dental filling is a procedure that takes place while curing tooth decay. Decay generally causes a hole or cavity in tooth. Dentists after removing the decay clean the cavity and fill the space with ceramic or amalgam. Dental filling protects the tooth from further decay and also helps in repairing damaged or cracked teeth.

If you observe dark spots on your teeth, dental holes, broken teeth, single or multiple cavities, and sensitivity to hot or cold, you need dental filling as soon as possible.

AHRI Gwalior is the best institute for dental filling treatment.  Dental wing at AHRI is well-equipped with all the latest technological advancements and consists a well-trained medical team under the leadership of Dr. Rohit Agarwal. Dr Rohit Agarwal is the best dentist in Gwalior who holds experience of 10+ years in conducting most crucial dental surgeries.

AHRI provides its patients with a wide range of dental filling options. Dental fillings available at AHRI are;

Metal fillings– It is a conventional procedure where a metal (generally gold or silver) is used for filling the cavity.

Amalgam- it is a combination of two or more metals, therefore, ensures more strength and lasts long.

Composite filling– In color these look similar to teeth and therefore preferred by patients who don’t want their fillings to be seen. Composite fillings are the best for front teeth.

Ceramic– ceramic fillings are required in cases where decay is large enough because they cover a wide oral area. Ceramic filling is strong and doesn’t wear-off easily.

Dentists at AHRI suggest a few precautions that a patient needs to take after dental filling.

Don’t chew hard food for at least 7-10 days.

Avoid too hot or too cold beverages

Ensure a proper oral hygiene

Anesthesia should be worn off before chewing anything

Apart from above-mentioned precautions if you experience any other discomfort, visit your dentist immediately.

Along with the effective use of technology, dental wing at AHRI is proficient in delivering expert consultations regarding oral hygiene and other preventive measures as well. The institute has a highly experienced team of professionals who are committed to providing the best care to their patients and that too at cheaper rates.






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From helping us chew and digest food to keeping our face in proper shape, teeth have several roles to play. Healthy teeth ensure overall good health preventing the body from several infections and severe diseases.

We all want to achieve healthy teeth but remain confused between what to do and what not. If you too experience such confusions, read this blog till end. Here Dr. Rohit Agarwal shares some tips and practices that help in keeping teeth healthy and infection-free. Dr. Rohit Agarwal currently leads the dental wing of AHRI Gwalior. Dr Agarwal stands as the best dentist in Gwalior who holds experience of 10+ years in conducting the most crucial dental surgeries.

Dr. Agarwal suggests his patients to brush their teeth at least twice a day. It is essential to brush your teeth before going to bed at night. Patients, who avoid proper brushing, welcome several oral infections. While brushing one must give proper time (minimum) five minutes making sure that brush bristles are gentle on teeth. Brushing in circular motion removes plaque ensuring clean and shiny teeth.

Apart from teeth, plaque develops on tongue as well. For achieving good oral health tongue must also be cleaned twice a day.

Mouthwash is an essential element of oral hygiene. It not only cleans mouth but also mineralizes teeth. Dr. Agarwal emphasizes mouthwash solutions that are easily available in market. They are effective and maintain oral freshness throughout the day.

Dr. Rohit advises his patients to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water prevents acidic accumulations and keeps the mouth germ-free.

Food habits also play a major role in ensuring good oral health. Eat healthy and crunchy food that is rich in fiber and easily chewable. Dr Agarwal asks his patients to limit the intake of acidic and sugary foods as they damage tooth enamel.

Visit your dentist for a complete dental check-up every six months. A dentist not only cleans your teeth properly but also examines risks of several dental infections and cures them easily at initial stages.

Inculcate these tips as habits in your daily life. These suggestions by Dr. Rohit Agarwal are ample to achieve healthy and infection-free teeth.





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Strep throat is a bacterial infection that leads to swelling in the throat accompanied by pain and high fever. It is observed in patients of all age groups but children between 6-15 years have relatively higher chances of catching this infection.
Strep throat is communicable and can easily spread by coughing or sneezing.
The severity of strep throat depends upon the immunity of the patient and therefore varies from person to person. But there exists a list of symptoms that can be commonly observed in patients suffering from strep throat;

  • Red throat with white patches
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Appetite-loss
  • Swelling in neck
  • High fever
  • Trouble in swallowing

If you too experience the above-mentioned symptoms, visit your doctor as soon as possible.
It is a bacterial disease caused by a special category of bacteria called Streptococcus pyogenes. One can get infected from this if he touches his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth after being exposed to these bacteria.
Besides sneezing or coughing, strep throat can be spread by sharing food with the infected person.
Saltwater gargle and warm liquid consumption help in reducing the effects of strep-throat. But these remedies should be adopted along with proper medical treatment.
AHRI provides the best treatment for strep throat in Gwalior. Under the leadership of two highly experienced and well-qualified ENT specialists Dr. SR Agarwal and Dr. Rahul Agarwal, the team stands the best in the city. Instead of temporary treatments, doctors at AHRI help their patients achieve permanent relief.
Then ENT vertical at AHRI Gwalior has an extremely qualified squad of professionals with years of knowledge to satisfy all ear, nose, neck, and head-related healthcare requirements. The vertical in its best capacity utilizes all the technological advancements and aims to facilitate its patients with utmost care.


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It is necessary to have a regular exercise routine during pregnancy. It not only increases stamina but also minimizes pain and fatigue. Exercising improves posture and reduces stress that is extremely important for a healthy pregnancy.

Work-out during pregnancy is crucial and must be practiced after proper advice. Pregnant women remain confused with the kind of workout they should have, the span of each session, precautions to be taken, etc. If you too want to get these queries cleared, you are in the right place. This blog contains advice of Dr. Veena Agarwal, practicing surgeon at gynecology and obstetrics center AHRI Gwalior.

Dr. Veena Agarwal is one of the senior-most and acclaimed gynecologists in the country. With experience of conducting 4800+ successful surgeries, she stands as the best gynecologist in Gwalior.

According to Dr. Agarwal, pregnant ladies who exercise have less back pain, more energy, a better body posture and decreased stress level. She suggests a few simple and easy-to-practice exercises that must be performed by expecting mothers.


You require a chair to practice this exercise. Stand parallel to back of chair having feet hip-distance apart. Bend your knees, keeping back straight and lower down your torso. Get back to the original position and repeat the same steps 5-10 times. This exercise strengthens quadriceps and improves body posture.


Lie on your right side and keep your left leg straight (opening outwards). Right leg must be tilted inwards at an angle of 45 degrees. Bring your leg down and repeat this process. This exercise is beneficial for inner thighs.


Lie down on your hands with palms facing downwards. Now lift your belly, chest and knees upwards. Make sure that the total balance of your body remains on toes and hands. This exercise helps strengthen the back and arms.

Curl and lift

For this you need a chair and weights ranging from 5 to 10 pounds. Sit on chair with back straight and feet on floor. Now hold weights in both hands and align your arms in a way that they remain at 90-degree angles. Lift the weights to shoulder height and hold them there for 10 seconds. Get back to original position and repeat this at least 5-10 times. This exercise is beneficial for your shoulders and arms.

One-arm row

Take a chair and keep your right knee on its seat. Bend a bit forward keeping your back parallel to floor and place your right hand on chair so that the body remains balanced. Now hold a weight (5-10 pounds) in your left hand and lift it as much as you can bear comfortably. Return to original position after holding the weight for almost 10 seconds and repeat this with the other hand. This exercise strengthens the back and biceps.

All the above exercises suggested by Dr. Veena Agarwal are easy to perform and result-oriented. These exercises will not only ensure a healthy pregnancy but also keep you fit and relaxed throughout this beautiful journey.


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Pediatric dentistry is a field of treatment that deals with oral health and dental care of children from birth till adolescence. It is completely different from normal dentistry and the individual specialized in it is a pediatric dentist. AHRI Gwalior is the best pediatric dentistry center in Gwalior. Under the leadership of Dr. Rohit Agarwal, who himself is an acclaimed dentist having an experience of more than a decade the dental wing at AHRI is well-specialized in treating all types of diseases in infants, kids and adolescents.

Usually, at the age of six, kids lose their milk teeth and growth of permanent teeth takes place. This is the time when a child needs proper care. The dental issues or problems arising at this age, sustain for the whole life. Therefore, a pediatric dentist needs to be consulted for a proper check-up and other oral hygiene-related advice.

Pediatric dentists at AHRI focus on the proper oral examination of infants and teens. Along with this, they guide the kids through a proper counseling informing them about proper dental hygiene and oral care habits. Dental wing at AHRI provides the best treatment of all the major oral or dental diseases in kids like tooth cavities, crooked or misaligned teeth and other common dental injuries.

Kids in pain are too difficult to handle. They need a proper care and compassion by their dentist. At AHRI kids are handled with utmost care. Dr. Rohit Agarwal believes that along with treatment children must be educated and made aware of dental care as well. He says that oral health care must start right after the birth of a baby and pediatric dentistry must be adopted as soon as the child gets his first tooth. Also, a person who is concerned about pediatric dentistry will never ignore oral health and overall dental care. These fit kids will lay a concrete base of a fit and healthy India.

The dental wing at AHRI is well equipped with the latest technological advancements accompanied by the best possible care and that too at cheaper rates.  This blend of technology with service makes AHRI the best pediatric dentistry center in Gwalior.





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The department of Gynecology and obstetrics at AHRI Gwalior offers the best women healthcare. It ensures facilities throughout all the phases of existence along with the efficient management of related diseases. The department renders the best technological support covering the full range of healthcare services like painless deliveries, minimally invasive surgeries, management of high-risk or late pregnancies, fertility care, reproductive disorders, gynecological urgent surgery and educational and support facilities for all a woman’s requirements.

Gynecology vertical at AHRI Gwalior is the best in providing parental care and counseling to its patients. Women of different age groups have different medical concerns which are addressed with the best care at AHRI. Also, the safety and comfort of the female patients, as well as their children, is the primary concern of the institute.

The center for Gynecology at AHRI is the only spot in Gwalior to commence Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and infertility treatment.  It has also been the first in Madhya Pradesh to start colposcopic guided cervical CO2 Laser surgeries, LEEP.

The department also conducts wellness check-up programs for chronic disease screening and diagnosis, such as breast cancer and cervical cancer.

The Gynecological and Obstetrics center at AHRI, has a team of highly experienced and acclaimed doctors accompanied by a well-trained medical staff, led by Dr. Veena Agrawal and DR Sonali Agrawal. Dr Veena Agrawal is the best gynecologist in Gwalior with the experience of conducting 4800+ successful surgeries. She possesses expertise in almost all types of treatment related to gynecology and obstetrics. Dr Sonali Agarwal is an expert in IVF and the best gynecologist in Gwalior for treating infertility. With experience of 10+ years, she has a record of conducting several critical surgeries successfully including endoscopic surgeries and various high risk pregnancies.

The team is oriented to encounter all the fields of women’s wellness. Based on all the required advancements and the latest technological support the department ensures a well-equipped treatment methodology.

With all such specialized treatments accompanied by the appropriate assistance, care and compassion, under one ceiling, and that too at affordable costs, AHRI ranks as the best Gynecological center in Gwalior.


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Our hearing or auditory system can be broadly categorized into two parts- peripheral and central. The peripheral hearing includes the outer, middle, and inner ear. The outer ear consists of eardrum, auricle and ear canal. Middle ear contains malleus, incus and stapes. These three small bones are collectively denoted as ossicles. Malleus connects to the eardrum linking to the outer ear and the stapes connects to the inner ear. Inner ear has cochlea that is further connected to the central hearing system by auditory nerve. Cochlea consists of several special fluids which play an important role in hearing mechanism. The central hearing system consists of the auditory nerve and an incredibly complex pathway through the brain stem and onward to the auditory cortex of the brain.

Sound waves or simply the vibrations in our surroundings are collected by the auricle and are further channeled into ear canals. These sound waves vibrate the eardrum. Now, these eardrum vibrations are moved to the ossicles present in middle ear. From here vibrations are transferred to the cochlea in the inner ear.

Cochlea consists of thousands of hair cells that are sensitive to a wide range of such vibrations. High pitched sounds stimulate hair cells in lower portion of cochlea whereas the low pitched vibrations stimulate hair cells in the upper part. After detecting the frequency or pitch of a sound, each hair cell generates nerve impulses that are transferred immediately along the auditory nerve.

Auditory cortex is the hearing centre in the brain. Here several such vibrations are converted into meaningful sound. This whole process takes place within a fraction of a second.



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Cosmetic gynecology has become quite popular in recent years. This helps the women to overcome several adverse effects of childbirth and aging. Along with this it also helps women feel confident about their physical appearance. As this field is quite modern and has developed recently, there remain several confusions regarding the process of treatment involved.  If you too want to undergo cosmetic gynecology but are unaware of its several merits, hold on and follow this blog till the end.

This blog has come up with suggestions and proper guidance on cosmetic gynecology by Dr. Sonali Agarwal. Dr Sonali Agarwal is an expert in IVF and the best gynecologist in Gwalior for treating infertility. With an experience of 10+ years, she has a record of conducting several critical surgeries successfully including endoscopic surgeries and various high-risk pregnancies. Currently, she is serving at the gynecology and obstetrics wing, Agarwal Healthcare and Research Institute, Gwalior.

Here in this blog, Dr. Sonali Agarwal not only educates you about what cosmetic gynecology is in actuality but also informs you about its several benefits. According to Dr. Agarwal, cosmetic gynecology can be broadly categorized into four dimensions-vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, hymenoplasty and thermiva.


Vaginal width increases at the time of childbirth or regular sexual intercourse. Vaginoplasty helps in regaining that lost vaginal elasticity. Dr. Sonali Aggarwal says that she has observed this issue especially among the women beyond 40. Vaginoplasty involves the reconstruction of damaged tissues of vaginal cavity which tightens vagina and brings it to its natural or original state.


This involves removal of extra skin present in inner and outer labia. According to Dr. Sonali Agarwal, major technique involved in this treatment is the laser. Labiaplasty is quite helpful in increasing sexual comfort as well.


Hymenoplasty, otherwise called hymenorrhaphy, is the corrective fix, rebuilding, or development of a lady’s hymen. Dr. Sonali says that it is the most controversial treatment in the field of cosmetic gynecology as it deals with virginity of a lady that has several religious convictions if the lady is unmarried. Apart from this, this procedure is extremely helpful in restoring the hymen that can be broken or torn on various occasions during a lady’s life, regardless of whether brought about by tampon addition, work out, or sex.


It is a non-surgical approach to vaginal treatment. Dr. Agarwal says that thermiva has been introduced as a boon for the ladies who do not want their vagina to be treated with a knife.

Here a cosmetic gynecologist uses controlled radiofrequency energy to generate low amount of heat that is further applied to vaginal region being treated. This heat helps in tightening the portion it is applied on.


Cosmetic gynecology is helping women through several merits. If you too want to seek several benefits of cosmetic gynecology then visit cosmetic gynecology vertical at AHRI Gwalior. The cosmetic gynecology vertical at AHRI Gwalior is the best spot for undergoing the above-mentioned treatment procedures in the Gwalior-Chambal division. The vertical consists of a well-trained medical staff, under the supervision of Dr. Sonali Agrawal. The team is well-equipped to encounter all the fields of women’s wellness. Based on all the required advancements and the latest technological support, the department ensures a well-equipped treatment methodology as well. With all such specialized treatments accompanied by the appropriate assistance, care and compassion, under one ceiling, and that too at affordable cost, AHRI stands as the best cosmetic gynecology center in Gwalior.