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best dentist in Gwalior


The overall health of an individual depends upon his oral health. Our mouth plays a major role in deciding whether we lead a healthy or diseased lifestyle. Also, oral hygiene, if not taken care of, may lead to several gum problems like tooth decay, gum swelling, tooth loss, etc. Problems in our mouth or gums also affect our speech, confidence, nutrition and facial appearance. Therefore, it is essential to ensure proper oral hygiene that will allow you to lead a healthy and happy life. We all want to maintain healthy teeth and mouth but don’t know what to do and what not to. This article contains certain golden tips by Dr. Rohit Agrawal that will help you sustain proper oral hygiene.  Dr. Rohit Agrawal (MDS) is a Dental Implantologist & LASER Surgeon currently giving his services at the Agrawal Hospital and Research Institute. With an experience of more than 2000 Successful Dental implants, he stands as the best dentist in Gwalior.

Dr. Rohit Agrawal asks his patients to brush their teeth before going to bed. This removes germs and plaque deposited over teeth protecting our mouth from bacterial infection.

Brush that we use should have soft bristles that are gentle on our gums. Our daily routine should have at least 3 brushing spans, each of 2-3 minutes. Brushing should be performed in a circular motion. This removes plaque and provides shine to our teeth.

Cleaning the tongue should not be ignored. Plaque or germs over the tongue result in bad oral odor-causing other diseases too.

According to Dr. Rohit Agrawal, our diet should consist of crunchy fruits and vegetables as they contain healthy fibers. He also advises his patients to limit acidic and sugary foods. Such food causes tooth cavities by allowing accumulation of acid-causing bacteria over teeth. Consumption of 10-12 glasses of water is also necessary for maintaining oral health.

Dr. Rohit Agrwal suggests that one must visit his dentist twice a year. This helps in overall examination of mouth and prevention of many dangerous dental problems.

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treatment of tonsillitis in Gwalior

Being an infection caused by virus or bacteria, tonsilitis involves sore throat, fever, headache, neck pain and difficulty in breathing. Apart from these the other commonly observed symptoms include; red tonsils, loss of appetite, ear pain, trouble swallowing, muffled voice, vomiting and ulcers on throat. Tonsillitis can be broadly categorized into three forms, acute, recurrent and chronic. AHRI provides the best treatment of tonsillitis in Gwalior.

In acute tonsillitis, symptoms last generally for four-five days but if the situation worsens, patient can suffer for more than a week as well. In recurrent tonsillitis, patients face this issue several times in a year especially when the season is changed. Patients suffering from chronic tonsillitis face long-term infection.

AHRI provides the best treatment of tonsillitis in Gwalior. The team relies on antibiotics at initial stages of treatment but when the infection goes severe, the vertical is well-equipped to carry on tonsillectomy. It is an operation to remove tonsils. Whether by the medicines or by the surgery, the ENT vertical at AHRI Gwalior aims to cure tonsillitis permanently, instead of giving temporary treatments.

Then ENT vertical at AHRI Gwalior has an extremely qualified squad of professionals with years of knowledge to satisfy all ear, nose, neck and head-related healthcare requirements. Under the leadership of two highly experienced and well-qualified ENT specialists Dr. SR Agarwal and Dr. Rahul Agarwal, AHRI stands as the best ENT hospital in Gwalior.



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audiology and speech-related problems


AHRI is the best hospital in Gwalior for audiology and speech-related problems. With a team of highly qualified and well-experienced doctors, the institute offers diagnostic evaluations to people having speech, hearing, language, and communication difficulties. It is committed to ensuring excellent outcomes for patients by the effective use of technology, taking care of their satisfaction and safety as well.

Audiology vertical at AHRI provides all audiology and speech-related problems services at much cheaper rates;

The hospital is well-equipped to test all types of hearing issues in adults as well as in newborns. AHRI consists of well-maintained labs and pathologies under the supervision of trained professionals.

Hearing-aid evaluation and fitting accompanied by proper counseling are available at AHRI.

Issues related to hearing also cause dizziness and severe migraine. AHRI provides its patients with appropriate evaluation of dizziness along with the treatment concerned.

Cochlear implant is helpful in partially restoring hearing. It is an electronic device that electrically stimulates the cochlear nerve(the nerve for hearing). It is a boon for people who have severe hearing loss from inner-ear damage and are no longer helped by hearing aids.

Noise protection is essential in patients suffering from ear-related problems. It further worsens their hearing ability and causes other nervous damages too. AHRI prescribes such patients noise protection devices like custom earplugs and molds. These devices are comfortable and completely safe.



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A couple, after marriage, desires to complete their family with a new member.  It is an incredible moment in their lives.  But many couples in this world, due to infertility, struggle to fulfill their dream to have a baby. Infertility is quite common and can be cured with proper treatment.

Infertility can exist in females as well as in males. If a couple fails to conceive a baby even after one year of effort, they should visit their doctor as soon as possible. To seek healthy and adequate solutions, they need to consult their issues openly with their doctor.

If you too are depressed with infertility and looking for appropriate advice then read this blog till end. Here, Dr. Veena Agrawal, one of the most acclaimed gynecologists in India has provided tips and advice for infertile couples.

Dr. Veena Agrawal is the senior-most and the best gynecologist in Gwalior with an experience of conducting 4800+ successful surgeries. She possesses expertise in almost all types of treatments related to gynecology and obstetrics.

According to Dr. Veena Agarwal, if a lady fails to conceive even after regular intercourse for one year, it is a case of primary infertility. She has also observed cases where a woman struggles to conceive her second baby; this is infertility at secondary level.

Dr. Veena Agrawal has observed certain major reasons for infertility which include;

  • Ovulation disorders in which there exist disturbances in production of eggs.
  • Imbalance in reproductive hormones
  • Issues in fallopian tubes
  • Infection within the uterus cavity
  • Lack of sperm formation or any other semen infection in males

Dr. Veena Agrawal suggests her patients to undergo some tests for examining the exact reason for their infertility. These include a test of hormonal level both in males and females, vaginal ultrasound and test of fallopian tubes in females. X-ray and laparoscopy are also required to examine sperm formation in males.

A healthy diet and proper routine are primary steps to getting rid of infertility. Dr. Veena Agrawal advises her patients to lead a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. Infertile couples are required to have medications regarding ovulation or any other hormonal disorders. Apart from this, there remain several other alternatives like IUI, IVF, etc to fulfill parenthood dreams of infertile couples.



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Gynecologist in Gwalior

The Gynecologist and Obstetrics center at AHRI in Gwalior, consists of a well-trained medical staff, under the supervision of Dr. Veena Agrawal and Dr. Sonali Agrawal two best Gynecologist in Gwalior. The team is oriented to encounter all the fields of women’s wellness. Based on all required advancements and the latest technological support the department ensures a well-equipped treatment methodology.

Women of different age groups have different medical concerns which are addressed with the best care at AHRI. Safety and comfort of female patients, as well as their children, are primary concerns of the hospital. It helps patients by their proper counseling and properly educates them with the best parental care advice as well.

This department of AHRI is the only gynecological center in Gwalior which commenced Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and infertility treatment. Along with this, it has also been the first in Madhya Pradesh to start colposcopic guided cervical CO2 Laser surgeries, LEEP.

AHRI has achieved great success in the field of IVF(In Vitro Fertilization), by assisting to satisfy the parenthood desires of many couples. By providing the most satisfactory level of fertility treatments in the leadership of Dr. Veena Agrawal and Dr. Sonali Agrawal, it stands as the best IVF center in Gwalior.

With all such specialized treatments accompanied by appropriate assistance, care and compassion, under one ceiling, and that too at affordable costs, AHRI ranks as the best Gynecology and obstetrics center in Gwalior.



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